What on Earth are Instant Websites?

Instant Websites

Instant Websites – that is something that we were talking about quite often lately. It is our new product, something we hope will revolutionise the way people think about websites. It is our answer for what in our opinion market lacks at the moment.

Why have a website?

See, the problem with websites is that most businesses consider the website a cost (one-time cost, what’s worse). Meanwhile, the website should be your asset. Something that makes your life easier. Tool for gaining customers. For a website to do that, it has to be up to the latest standards, user-friendly, changing as the trends change. What we’ve noticed is that some businesses would set aside a budget for a big, complex website, build it and let it be. It shouldn’t be like that. The website needs to live and grow with your business, needs to constantly respond to users needs.

My website steals from me

We were trying to think of the way for a business to have a website that will look current, have a user-friendly layout and wouldn’t make your business go bankrupt. Of course, one may argue that so many solutions are already right there the market. You can even build your own website, put it online and it’s cheap. Ok, let’s just for fun say you’re right. But how do you know it is a good website? Are you sure visitors are going to respond well to the layout? To be honest you might test various solutions and finally get things right. Then again it takes time, and they say time is money…

Support, maintain, update

The other thing with websites developed once upon a time and living not so happily ever after, is that they are often using dated tools. It is not so much the problem of aesthetics, as it is of security. The dated software is far easier to be hacked and that may have serious implications for your business. On the other hand, software is not the only thing that needs updating. Remember, content is a king. If you want search engines to favour your website, you need to keep it content reach, blooming with value and above all current. It might sound like a lot of work (and it is btw) but in the end, it really pays off.

Only so many hours in the day

Our last concern was the time. Developing a business takes up a lot of it, we can see it every day in our own lives. We understand that website or online presence might be the least of your worries with so many things to do in actual, physical life. But the truth to be told, if you don’t develop online, you might forever be just local business, and the internet gives you an enormous opportunity to grow beyond that! We don’t want you to miss out on that.

Instant Websites for instant online presence

So the idea was born. What if you could buy a professional website with a predesigned yet original layout, with support and maintenance, no upfront cost, no fuss no hassle, from about 40 a month? Sounds good, right? And if you already have a content it will be live in 72 hours! Now that is really something to think about.

How does it work exactly?

Let’s say you run a beauty salon. You already have a facebook page but would like to have a website too, to show off your work, contact details, inform about services you provide etc. All you have to do is to have a look around our shop and choose the layout that you find the most attractive. For now, I can recommend Shaffron because it was created with beauty salons in mind. Next, you need to decide if you want to pay for it on whole, or you would rather have instalments plan. Both options are available in the store. Once you settle on payment options, you need to pick how many pages your website needs. You can even consider adding a blog to share your beauty tips with clients!

Once you have purchased the desired layout, we will contact you via email. We will ask you what domain name you have chosen for your website and advise you if it is available. We will also help you to come up with a good alternative if the name you have chosen will be taken. Oh, have I mentioned that domain name is free? It is! Together with 1 year hosting. That’s all on us.

Instant Websites

Instant Websites… just add your content!

Once your domain is secured we will contact you again about the content for your website. Here you have two options. You can either supply us with photos and copy and then you go live in 72 hours. Another option involves us providing you with content that suits your business needs. It is a separate service and we quote the cost of it individually. Don’t worry if your content does not fit in exactly in the spots designed on the layout of your choosing. We will make your content shine so that your business would have a website you are proud of.

Supporting you every step of the way

What else you get with your Instant Website? (Yes, there is more!) You are running a professional business, you need a professional email, right? Of course you do! And we are going to equip you with one straight away.  And to make sure you are doing alright with everything, we are giving you one month of free support. During that time we will take care of all the updates, we will fix all the errors you shall find, any problem with the website or the email configuration -we’re just one call away!

One less thing to worry about

And there you have it – Instant Websites. Affordable, professional tool for every startup business. With flexible payment options your not financially burdened. Free one month support helps you with adjusting to changes. (We can also provide you with year-round support, we will present you with an offer for that). But the best thing about the instant website is that it can be just a starting point. It can grow with your business. That way you make sure to answer visitor needs as soon as they appear without too much of one-time cost.


Let us help you turn your ideas into reality.

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Barbara Pajak
Barbara Pajak Creative Director, Web Designer

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