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Instant Websites

Not all businesses require bespoke websites right from the start. That's why we have created instant websites - a product that can go live 72 hours from the purchase! It's a perfect solution for all those who still want their website to be original but cannot afford, or not yet ready for, bespoke website.

Based on our market research we designed layouts that are most effective. All you need to do is filled with the content. Simply purchase the required number of pages, send us an email with a domain name you would like and all the text with pics. 72 hours later your new website would be online for everyone to see.
You can even make slight changes, as a change of main colour or font type. Additionally, you can have a professional email address on your domain. It's all your business needs to get it off the ground and running.

Want to get started? Start my project
Want to get started? Start my project