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Shaffron – Instant Website (Instalments)

From: £22 / month for 12 months

SHAFFRON is a modern, elegant layout. It is user-friendly, with lots of space for your amazing graphics. Don’t worry if you don’t have exactly 3 services – we will help you make your content shine! If you don’t have all the content, that is something we can help you create for a bit of additional fee. Should you have any questions before purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here for you!




What is Instant Website?

It is product for everyone that needs a website that is simple and looks great. You website can be ready online even in 72 hours from the purchase. We provide you with few layouts created by us, to choose from. Once your heart is set on one of them simply purchase it. You will than receive an email from us acknowledging your purchase and asking you for domain name and content. We do not guarantee that any domain name you choose will be available so it will be handy for you to come up with possible alternatives. If you struggle, we can help you with that. Once the domain name is set, we are ready for your content! We might alter it slightly to make your website look amazing! And that’s it! 72 hours after you hand us the content your website is live!

What’s included in the price?

  • Domain name and hosting for 1 year
  • Layout design
  • 1 month of free support and maintenance
  • Adjusting content to layout

Instant Websites Terms & Conditions

1. We guarantee that website would go live in 72 hours from the moment of receiving content and domain name (the one that would be available). Also, that guarantee expires after 7 day from purchase. If the customer sends us content after 7 days from purchase, 72 hours guarantee is no longer binding for Burst of Code.
2. Customer satisfaction is a key. if you don’t like your website, and we fail to fix it to the standard of your expectation, we will give you your money back.The only condition is that it has to happen within 14 calendar days from the purchase.
3. The domain names included in the price are the one of worth up to £50 ending with .com,, .net, .org. If you require any custom domain names that is still a possibility, but it can be associated with higher costs.
4. In case you choose to pay by instalments, please keep in mind that the website ownership will remain ours up to the point when you finish paling off the website.
5. When your 12 months is up you are free to move your website elsewhere, providing 1 month notice. Otherwise, the contract with Burst of Code Ltd will enrol for further 12 months. Also, the service of moving the website to another provider is associated with the fee of £60.
6. Together with your website you are getting an access to standard back end edition screen. You can apply for a full administrator access, but bear in mind we are not granting access to files on server.


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