E-Commerce Stats To Help You With Marketing Strategy Infographic

2017 E-Commerce Stats To Help You With Marketing Strategy – An infographic by the team at Burst Of Code.


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2017 E-Commerce Stats To Help You With Marketing Strategy – An infographic by the team at Burst Of Code.

Market Potential

14% of all sales in the UK are online sales (there is still room for plenty more)

53% of internet users worldwide have made an online purchase in 2016

B2B sales are expected to outgrow B2C sales by 2020

Total average e-commerce spend per customer over the year is estimated at £1600

40% of US males and 33% of US females aged 18 – 34 say they would ‘ideally buy everything online’


43% of e-commerce traffic comes from Google search (organic) and 26% comes from Google Adwords

1 in 5 searches on US android mobile apps are voice searches

55% of US Pinterest users use it for finding products

Online Behaviour

39% of users would leave a website if it takes too long to load

38% will leave if they consider layout unattractive

Area of website that receives the most of the viewing time is located 400 px from the left edge

81% of shoppers research the product online before buying it

Only 11% of users go online exclusively via desktop

61% of high-performing marketing teams are actively mapping the customer journey

70% of e-commerce customers rank the ability to zoom in on product among top priorities for deciding on purchase

58% of the top 1000 US online retailers send welcome emails

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

85% of customers start purchase on one app and finish on the other

44% customers will abandon their shopping cart if the shipping cost is too high or there are too many additional fees

An inconvenient returns policy deters 80% of shoppers

78% of users are concerned that the site they sign up for sales their data

Apple users are the most valuable buyers with average of $228 per order compared to $187 for Windows PC

Customer Loyalty

It’s 7 times more expensive to get a new customer than to keep an existing one

Average order value (AOV) for repeat customer is twice as high as for the first-time buyer

89% of shoppers stopped online shopping after experiencing bad customer service

75% of reviews on eCommerce sites give the full 5 stars

92% of US customers would consider delivery within 2 days to be ‘fast delivery’, but only 18% would consider delivery within 5-7 days as fast

30% of products we are buying online are returned – and users expect this process to be easy!




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