Social Media Strategy for E-Commerce – How to Drive Traffic to Your Store

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Since the internet has revolutionised human interactions, and some people live mostly online, social media became a powerful marketing tool. A tool your e-commerce business can highly benefit from. By building a loyal community around your brand, you can have a rather wide circle of repeat customers. Easier said than done? Not necessarily. Have a look at tips below, and start widening your circle of marketing influence today.

Describe your target audience

I know it sounds old, but knowing your customer is really a key to success in every business. When setting up social media strategy it is even more important, because you don’t want to throw offers and valuable content towards people who don’t have the slightest interest in what you have to offer. Also, various audiences would differ in time, when they are active online. If you are targeting teenagers, posting during school times might be the wrong move. You need to understand your clients, their needs and type of life they lead to answer accordingly at appropriate times. It might seem like a burden, and going through a lot of trouble, but truth to be told, your customers should be your main point of interest. You’ ll soon find out that appreciated customer is the one that returns.


Let your customers know about your social media channels

Having social media presence is no good if nobody knows about them. Once you have chosen the appropriate channels for your target audience, start by looking at the ways to increase the number of fans/followers. If you’re on Facebook, invite all the friends from your private account to like your page, you can also search for groups that focus on your type of industry and share your page to that groups. If you’re on Instagram, hashtags are a powerful tool. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post, but try to keep your focus narrow, to make sure you are getting through to your target audience. Above all, make time to follow all the changes that social media introduce. There are lots of tools developed constantly to improve user experience and help you grow your business.

Don’t drive your community away with constant selling

Building strong community on social media takes effort, I’m not gonna lie. But this effort is worth taking, and it will translate t profit over time. But to build your base of fans and followers you need to pay extra attention to what you are posting via social media channels. If you’re only pushing people towards buying, and what’s worse, sharing the same promotion 3 times a day, chances are you’re not getting too much engagement or interest even. Your community needs to see value in what you’re doing, and only then you can count on their interest and involvement. So, consider posting content that is fun or interesting. You should also keep it related to your industry. Show the backstage of what you do, you followers like to see human behind the brand, especially if you run an online business. Try to take your followers perspective, and think of types of things you see as interesting, that is, in fact, part of someone else’s marketing strategy.  Learn from bigger brands. Chances are they know what works ;).

Ask your community for little help

Don’t underestimate the power of your community. Ask them for little things from time to time. If you’re sharing an exciting promotion, ask your followers to share it with their friends. Have your customers post the pictures of products they purchased from your store on their social media, and ask them to tag you in. People love to be involved in the things they find exciting. It also helps you to build their loyalty towards your brand. Use tools that are available on social media. Announce product launches, sale events, or contests. Always look at the content you ask followers to share critically. Ask yourself honestly if you would find it valuable and worth sharing with your friends. It might help you even more with understanding your target audience.

You know what’s better than pictures? – A video!

Video content and going live on social media took the business marketing to the next level. It might be easily the fastest tool for you to reach a lot of people in short time, and mostly for free. What should you talk about? There are lots of things, and mostly they are industry specific. You might want to present new exciting products, make tutorials or just reach out to your community to tell them about a future project you’re planning. Video helps you get closer to your followers because they will feel as they know you. And why wouldn’t they buy from someone they already know?

Use insights to guide your way

You’re going to put a lot of work into building your marketing strategy on social media so be sure to follow the results you’re achieving. Insights are a very valuable tool that helps you monitor what content had the best results. After you get the numbers, draw conclusions – numbers alone won’t do you any good.  It might have happened that you posted great content at an unfortunate time. To avoid wasting that content, share it again but pick the time that proves popular with your audience. If you feel like your content is not succeeding – try something new. Experimenting is essential to getting people engaged. Always remember to check your results, and adjust your moves accordingly.

Social media are presenting businesses with great opportunities. You can build your brand by building a strong community. People also feel that their closer to the brand that they have helped establish. It’s a win-win situation in which you are able to reach your customers, hear their feedback and answer the exact need their having. Never before was hearing the clients point of view that easy.

If you feel that creating successful social media marketing strategy is not within your reach, we’re here to help. We can help you choose right channels, create vibrant content and schedule posting times. For more information follow this link: wink.



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