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E-commerce stores have many advantages over traditional shopping. First of all, you don’t have to leave the house, and for many of us, that’s just a dream come true. But as we all know too well, not many things in this world are perfect, so e-commerce stores do have some downsides. For the most part, you can not experience physical product until after the purchase. For many visitors, this barrier is hard to overcome. The phrase “It looked great in the photo” is now the most popular shopping-went-wrong meme heading, suppressing “It looked great on mannequin”. So how to make your visitors experience the products? Create great product descriptions. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Created with Customer in Mind

First of all, answer the question: “Who is this product for?”. It will make things a lot easier, since it will help you to choose appropriate language, and most importantly, accurate keywords. Also, you want visitors to identify with the product, make them want it. Show them then that this is something created with their needs in mind. What problems does this item solve for your perfect buyer? What need does it answer?

Translate Features into Benefits

Don’t just copy manufacturer specification. First of all, it’s boring. Secondly, it doesn’t say much about the product. Let’s say that you are selling shoes. You put into the description that they are handmade, leather and that the heel is 4,5” high. Now as a potential customer I look at this description and don’t know what are the benefits of having such shoes. You may argue that those specifics are speaking for themselves and everyone can apply them to their individual opinions.  The truth is – nobody has that kind of time.

You need to look at the features, look at your target group and translate product’s specifics into benefits that I’m going to gain by purchasing such shoes. So, instead of plain handmade, try to write Hand-created with care to fit better and last longer. Exchange plain leather with Achieve stylish look with our elegant leather shoes. Finally, make the measurement of the hell less automatic and calling for use of ruler with Not too high, not too low – with 4,5” heel those shoes are perfect for everyday work outfits, as well as an all-night weekend party. 

No pictures no sales

If you’ve tried to sell something without picture recently, you probably know by now that this is simply impossible. Pictures are an absolute must, and nobody is going to buy from you if they cannot see the product. Even, if you will write the most graphic description, if there is no photo to go with it – no sales. Actually, it has gone so far that if you have bad product pictures, it is almost like you don’t have any. People are buying with their eyes, especially online. It is the only type of connection that they still have with items you sell, therefore you cannot rob them of this possibility.

  • Make sure that your pictures are full of light – lighter colours associate in our brains with the clearer mind, which helps with quick, positive decisions.
  • Don’t put up blurred or distorted pictures, that will make your customers irritated and suspicious.
  • Always put the product in the centre of the image – after all, it’s all about the product, so make it a hero.

Pictures are great, but video is greater

Even though the picture can say a thousand words, video can still say more. It is yet another step, to help visitors overcome the need of physical contact with the product. What should such video show? What benefits the item can bring to my life if I purchase. How this product can make me feel. What problems it can help me solve.

Video gives you more possibilities. You can use catchy music, build the atmosphere of excitement. You can also show how a product works in an easy and fast way. And, let’s be honest, people prefer watching a video over reading. So, if you provide them with it, they are going to remember that and will return to you in the future.

The story behind the product

It might prove successful to build the context around the product. Storytelling is becoming more and more popular when it comes to brand building, but you can use it to build your product profiles as well. It is also helpful with generating more understanding for product usage, and also helps you to answer what need it is fulfiling.

By telling a story you can also apply to your customers’ imagination. Simply set a stage and let your audience fill the blanks. How to achieve it? Imagine you’re going for a date to your favourite restaurant. It’s your first date, so you want to look amazing yet to feel comfortable. You put on your favourite little black dress, all you need is a pair of heels. 

Now that paints a picture in your imagination right?

Here are some more examples from real e-commerce sites:

Drink for Good

Perfect product description


 Verbs in, adjectives out

It’s been proven by extensive research that adjectives don’t do you as much good as using many verbs in the product description. They give customer sense of action and also help them imagine actually using the product in given situation. Adjectives are more of visual description, and that is already taken care of by the product picture. So to use the full spectrum of persuasion pack your description with verbs.

Research shows: People don’t read online

Like it or not people don’t really read online. Especially if it is long piece of text and they are not really sure what’s the benefit of reading it. You may now question the whole idea of writing the product description, but it still beneficial, you just have to do it right. Make your description scannable – bullet points come in handy. Also, make it short and to the point. Even if you’re storytelling don’t write a novel – just get the idea across. People value their time – show your customers you value theirs as well. It can go a long way.

Guilt-free shopping = happy customers

if you use phrases as Treat yourself or It’s expensive but great I suggest you stop. Why? The answer is shopping guilt. Almost all purchases are associated with the guilt of money spending, especially if it’s not an essential product, or it is for personal use only. How to minimise it?

Show that your product is value for money. Present full benefits of having and using may come customers’ way. Offer satisfaction guaranteed or money back option.


As you see, writing product description is not as easy as it might seem at first. There’s a lot of factors to consider before arriving at successful strategy. Don’t use all the above tips at once. Try them out in various configurations and see how they work for your product. If you feel lost or helpless, fear not! We’re always here to help (wink).


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