Get Design You Love, Set Up Your Content And Go Live in 72 Hours

At Burst of Code, we understand how time is of the essence for a startup business. That is why we came up with the idea of instant websites.

What is Instant Website?

We have designed few templates that are both cutting-edge and effective. You just need to choose one that suits your needs, send us content (pictures and text) and voila - we make the website live in 72 hours.

What I'm paying for?

Depending on the template you have the various scope of sub websites (for example, About Me, Contact, Services). We also add 1 year of free hosting and domain (.com,, .eu, .net). We will also upload your content in a timely manner and answer all your concerns regarding running a website.

What can I change in designed template?

Some changes are possible. For example, we can adjust main colour, type of font etc.

When would this service be available?

We are still working on the most amazing designs to make your business shine. We hope to launch this service by the end of September. However, if you would sign up for it before 31st of August 2017 you will be entitled to an amazing discount.

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