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Contact form that stands out – simple steps guide (31 July 2017)

Let’s assume that you have a new page or new post to publish on your website and you want to insert a custom contact form. You could insert shortcode with a generic form from your default contact form plugin or you could create a form that will stand out and attract visitors. Are you interested […]

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Bespoke Design

What’s All the Fuss with Bespoke Design (19 July 2017)

Everyone wants to have something one of a kind. That lies in our nature. As people we all are unique, and in some way, we want to surround ourselves with things that are just bespoke. It also proves right when it comes to presents. Bespoke gifts show that we care, that we have devoted time […]

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Why Would One Need a Website

Website – Why One Needs It? (13 July 2017)

What is a website for anyway? Back when we were teenagers surfing the internet was one of our very favourite things. We would send emails to each other from across now very big computer room at school. Those were still times of simple HTML websites, based on the simple table structure. The graphics also were […]

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