Magic of Online Business – How to Boost E-Commerce Sales Part 2

Today we continue with the subject of boosting online sales. Below you will find another 7 methods to increase your sales number and attract the higher number of buyers.

1. Gmail Ads to the Rescue

Gmail Ads are a way to reach your potential customers at the very time they are checking their inboxes. There is a couple of things that you can do with them. They can have various layouts, for example, you can embed a form in them or a short video. If you would like to know more about how they work and what are you charged for, visit this link.

2. Increasing product value through additional services

Let’s be honest, the internet is huge and probably few hundreds of the stores around the globe are already selling products similar to yours, or even the exact same products. Price alone cannot give you enough leverage to secure your place among the best. What can help you, however, are additional services. They increase the value of products and make your business stand out. A good example of additional service, now that the Christmas time is approaching, is gift wrapping the purchased goods. You may even go a step further and offer a Christmas card to go along with the gift – all ready to be placed underneath the tree.

But Christmas is not the only time of the year when special packaging can earn you some points. Many retailers nowadays notice the power of elegant packaging as an effective marketing strategy. So whatever you are selling, think of the special way of packaging that will make your store special and appreciated.

3. Show me your client and I will tell you how to sell – creating client persona

If you want to be effective in selling, not only online but in general, you need to know who you are selling to. A helpful tool to establish that is creating a buyer’s persona. Think hard about who are you selling to. Are your products gender specific? How old are people buying from you? What are their shopping habits, do they prefer online shopping or possibly they go to brick and mortar shops? How do they plan their day? Also, keep in mind that if you are selling products for children, you should be targeting and profiling their parents. They are the ones paying for the purchase.

4. Mobile friendly is a must

If your website is not mobile optimized you’re in serious trouble. Don’t buy all this talk about responsive design being something extra or additional. Good mobile friendly e-commerce is a standard, without which you are losing the majority of your customers. Truth is that people will leave your website if it’s not responsive and won’t come back in the future. So if your serious about being successful online optimize it for a wide spectrum of mobile devices.

5. The power of after sale care

Another way for you to show something extra is to care for customer beyond the point when they click buy on your website.
One way to show your customers a bit of after sale care is to send them an email with their purchase summary, info about where to get additional help if the item is late or doesn’t arrive at all. Later on, you can ask how they like the item and whether they would recommend it to others. It is also a good way to ask for feedback regarding entire user experience associated with your e-commerce.

6. Through customer’s eyes – product description answering pain points

Good product description can go a long way. The thing that can make it even better is writing it from the perspective of need it answers. So instead of just writing dry, boring product specification pump it up with real-life examples of how it made someone’s life easier, or how it helps solve problems in general. Visitors are less likely to fall for yet another black purse, but they might be interested in one that never gets your keys lost because it has an extra key holding pocket. Think about how your products benefit their buyers and use that to your advantage. If you would like more info about writing a good product description, I recommend our article.

7. Be consistent among all the platforms

The consistent brand image is a key to successful marketing of your store. It is ok to try various solutions and approaches, just not all at once. Jumping from one website to another might be confusing for the user, especially if they see two different marketing messages int he process. Keep the marketing look consistent to avoid confusion and reassure your visitor they’ve come to the right place. Also, if you throw too much of marketing talk at visitors they may get, what I call ‘too good to be true’ syndrome and run away from your store.

I hope you will find above methods helped in your online store. Some of them might seem obvious to you, but sometimes it is little things that make up for the big difference so don’t underestimate the power of, for example, good product description. Also, treat your customers with care, since it is 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Good luck, and stay tuned for the last article with sale boosting strategies.


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