Magic of Online Business – How to Boost E-Commerce Sales

Boosting E-commerce sales

Boosting sales easier said than done? Not entirely true. While Internet gives you a lot of possibilities, you need to remember that it is also enormous place sizewise. Once you grasp that concept, you will understand that your e-commerce is just one shop in worldwide marketplace and for your business to be successful it needs to stand out. The hard part is that there isn’t one proven method to achieve that. Different solutions work for different stores, sometimes it even has to be a mix of various methods. As we want to help you to succeed in your online business we gathered those most common in the series of 3 articles. Here is the first part. Enjoy!

1. It’s now or never – creating the sense of urgency

People don’t want to buy on the spot things that they believe will always be there waiting. That’s why, to give them a little extra push, you need to create an impression that this is not a case. Try to use specific words like ‘limited time only’, ‘first sale this big in our store’, ‘special edition’, ‘once they’re gone, they’re gone’ and so on. Also, if you’re doing limited time sale, you can put a timer on the product page that will countdown to the moment sale is gone. Another marketing trick is to throw a discount code on social media and announce that it is valid for 50 first entries. This last one also helps you to drive more traffic towards your e-commerce.

2. Return Policy to good to be true

Buying online might seem insecure for some people, especially for those who want to have physical contact with the item before the purchase. A failproof return policy is a key to fighting such insecurities. Once you visitors are assured that anything that does not fulfil their expectations can be returned without any uncomfortable questions they feel more eager to buy. If you wish to know more about a good return policy, and what it should include, I recommend my article from a few weeks back. You can read it here.

3. Less is more

It is true for design, it is also true for online sales. While cross-selling and up-selling are both very important in any type of business, you don’t want to be offering people too many choices. If they already have set their heart on one thing, providing them with too many additional alternatives may ruin the entire shopping experience and not end in the sale at all. Remember that many online shoppers do so for the sake of saving time. If they are to go through the entire process of decision making more than once before buying a single item, they may give up on your store and find what they need elsewhere.

4. Social media in action

Building online communities provide a wonderful opportunity for creating a special bond of loyalty between your store and buyers. You can share promotions, new products, your business journey, stepping stones of your business development. While online shopping might seem robotic and lacking human interaction, you can use social media to show the human face behind the scenes. It builds trust and attachment. Also if you’re constantly asking your community for tips on how to improve your products and services, your customers feel as if they are building your business with you. It improves user experience and associates good feelings with your brand. You can read more on how to use social media to boost sales in one of my articles here.

5. Click, click, click. Done – the ease of checkout process

Looking at customer journey in your online store might prove a powerful tool to fight with the unnecessary prolonging buying process. If a want to make a purchase from the website I expect that once I find what I want (the longest attention span), I will be able to pay, give the address and be on my way (the shortest attention span). If your business will throw at me too many distractions while I’m on checkout tab I might as well give up on making a purchase altogether. It’s just like offering people too many choices.

Look at Amazon. Do you know why they are so wildly successful? They were first to notice that people can’t be bothered with the long checkout process. Show people you respect their time. Don’t make too many suggestions on what they can additionally buy, don’t run any polls. Make it fast and easy – it will pay back.

6. Card, cheque, bank transfer, PayPal, Stripe and more

One thing you can never overdo in case of a number of choices is the method of payment. Here people love to have as many choices as possible. If you decided to restrain those choices to only a card and bank transfer you’re not doing your business any favours. Why? There is a number of reasons. Some people still don’t believe that giving their card details online can be safe. Some might have PayPal credit that they would prefer to pay with.

7 . Say it with the perfect image

I’m finishing today’s article with something that might seem obvious, but it can never be stressed enough. Perfect product photo is absolutely essential for successful online business since it is the only reference that online shoppers have to how the product looks. I said it many times before and I repeat, lack of physical contact with the product for many people is a serious obstacle when it comes to buying online. Great product photo, with zoom in option, is absolutely necessary to help with the decision about a purchase. Even better if you can attach a short video with product overview.

As you can see, there are many methods to boost e-commerce sales. Give them a try, test them out, see what works best for your online store. If you haven’t found anything to suit your e-commerce, keep an eye out for our next article on how to boost sales in the online world.


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