Magic of Online Business – How to Boost E-Commerce Sales Part 3

All the good things must come to an end, and so we are sharing with you the last part of how to boost sales online today. We hope that you have found something to help your business so far, but if not here are few more practices to make you profit skyrocket. As always we encourage you to experiment, mix and match, as sometimes the best solutions are not visible at first. So here you have it: our last 7 methods to boost sales online. Enjoy!

1. Let’s blog about it

We are fully aware that this is not for everyone, but if there is the slightest chance you can blog about your products, we really encourage you to do so. It works wonders for interaction engagement, and for you, it might be the perfect source of feedback about what you do, and how well you’re doing it. Keep in mind, you don’t have to sell in every single post. On the contrary – try to look at your products form your clients perspective, answer objectives that you know some have. You can even write about studies and experts opinions. Another reason to try it out? It helps your SEO. Not only by the keywords but also by engaging more traffic towards your e-commerce.

2. Take your business places

The fact your business is based online shouldn’t stop you from marketing it in the physical world. First of all such practices put the human face next to your brand, and as customers, we tend to trust other people more than company names. There is also the thing about not being able to touch your products on e-commerce sites. You can’t effectively solve this problem via the internet, but you can and should show as many people as you can manage, your products in real life. Treat is like creating satellites for your business. Happy customers will spread the word about your offer to their friend, and pass on you e-commerce address.

3. Speedy loading is a must

I’m sure you already heard that your website needs to load pretty fast, but do you know what ‘fast’ means? Most people will give up on the website that loads longer than 3s! Now count to 3. Would your website load this fast? If not, you are losing lots and lots of potential clients. How to solve that problem? Many websites load slowly because the server they’re based on is too slow. So if you’re experiencing a slow-motion loading try to reach out your hosting provider. The problem might also lay on your side. Maybe the graphics on your site are not web-safe or simply too big? If you have any further question on that subject, as always we are here to help (wink).

4. Navigate with ease

It is one thing to keep visitors on the website until it loads, it is a different story if they will find what they’re looking for with ease. If visitors are not keen to wait above 3s for your website to load, they, sure enough, don’t have the time and patience to look through complicated navigation system. So ask yourself this: what is the most desired thing customers want from my business? And those things should go to the main menu bar. If you have more than 10 positions in the menu you’re in trouble. Remember, the most popular things go first, if you have many subcategories put them in a folding menu, but don’t throw too much information at visitors right in the door.

5. Make it easy on the eyes

Like it or not, but design matters. It really does. Your website should look attractive for people to like it and to use it. And I don’t mean you should make it avant-garde style or to design it in Bootstrap only, I’m talking about overall design and functionality that lies underneath. Here are some key points to remember:

  • The website should look modern because when it looks old and outdated people are not going to trust it works. And they won’t put any payment details on it – trust me.
  • Ensure your website breaths – not every inch of it has to be covered, let some white space in.
  • Readability is important – don’t force visitors to squint while they try to read your product descriptions. Not on a desktop, not on a mobile, not ever.
  • Use approachable language, I don’t have to be an expert in your field to be your client or to use your products. Avoid unnecessary jargon.

6. Say it with review

Happy customers are the best form of advertisement in the world. They are honest and trustworthy in the visitor’s eyes. That’s why you should embrace reviews you are getting and make sure they are easy for everyone visiting your website to see. If you are in services or selling only one type of product, put them right on the front page. If you have a wide range of products, make sure every product has a review from someone who bought it. Don’t just leave the space for it – nothing looks sadder than a product page that has an empty tab for review. Of course, you might think people will write reviews if they like products. Wrong! You need to ask for it and make sure it will appear. It takes work though.

7. Make yourself available

Finally, make sure you or your employees are always ready to answer any questions that might emerge. The contact info should be the easiest thing to find on your website. If you’re trying to hide it, so that your visitors would leave you alone, well maybe you’re in wrong business. Responding to customers queries is essential and timeframe also matters. Due to Facebook messaging, people now expect instant response from every business they approach online. If you have means and opportunities, consider putting live chat directly on your website. If not, make the most use of Facebook Messanger. In every case aim to respond to messages ASAP. If you are closing down and don’t want to be contacted make sure you put that information in the visible place, next to your contact details.

By no means, this is an exhaustive list of all the possible strategies for boosting online sales. We believe that those listed in our series are the easiest to introduce, and can make a big difference. If you’re using some of them but still can’t make your sales go any higher, give us a shout! We are here to help – always (wink).



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