Friday Looks Better in Black – Marketing Strategies for Black Friday

Black Friday Strategies

Get up at 4:00 am after Thanksgiving to camp outside your favourite shop, the thrill of excitement rushing through your blood. Soon they will open the door and the best deals of the year would be within your reach.  Just make sure you run as fast as you can and grab whatever comes first, soon it will be gone. Yeah… That’s the way Black Friday used to be anyway. Now, as digital age is in full swing, opportunities are favouring e-commerce stores. Why? How many of you like freezing in November outside the stores,  hands up… that’s why. So, in case you’re still wondering how to boost your sales during Black Friday, Black Friday Weekend or Black Friday Week (!), here are some helpful tips.

Create a thrill of anticipation

Although nobody is going to freeze in front of your store on Black Friday morning you still want your visitors to feel the upcoming excitement. Use whatever channels you have at hand to build up this feeling as the day is approaching. Mention is casually in newsletter few weeks ahead, remind your community on social media. You can even go a step further and create a poll asking which of your products should be the best deals. Engage with your visitors, make them feel they are creating this year’s sales with you. It will boost your customer experience as well.

Loyal customers are basically family

As the Black Friday approaches use your mailing list to boost engagement. It might be a good opportunity to appreciate your loyal customers. Create special deal for your mailing list recipients that they may share with one of their friends. It should be exclusive to the group of your subscribers, not accessible anywhere else. This way you might gain some new customer and also increase loyalty bond with your existing customers.

Shopping on the go

Mobile shopping is next level of online shopping and it is gaining popularity fast! Trust me you don’t want to be the one disappointing visitors with a poor mobile version of your e-commerce. It has been established that visitors leave websites that take too long to load (more than 3s), they run away even faster if your website is not mobile friendly. After all the hard work you put into marketing your business it would be a pity to lose a customer over something so trivial, so be sure to check how your e-commerce is performing on the mobile.

Utilize social media channels

Social media are powerful tools when it comes to spreading the word. Create ad campaign that would remind your community about all the goodness that awaits for them during Black Fridays sales. You might even start the countdown to the day when the sales start. Ask your fans to share and like to boost engagement.

Sale ends in 3.., 2.., 1…

To underline the promotional price you can add a countdown timer next to it. That will make an offer more lucrative. Your visitors will be less likely to postpone the purchase. Or if you prefer, you can hold a flash sale. Just remember that for flash sales to be a success, you need to choose an appropriate time and advertise it heavily. Otherwise many customers might miss it and you won’t generate as many sales.

Can Friday last for a week?

If it’s black it can. One way to get ahead of the competition is to start your sales early. Many people look out for the deals ahead of time to make sure they can get items they want before stock run out. You might choose to present them with this opportunity on your e-commerce website. Many e-commerce retailers offer Black Friday deals for an entire week. To avoid shoppers getting bored with your offers you may create various deals for each day. It will generate excitement and anticipation among your visitors.

Everything needs to go before the end of today!

The key to success during Black Friday Sales period is to create a sense of urgency. Offer very good deals for a limited time only because it’s just what Black Friday is all about. Remember that for some people Black Friday is time to get Christmas gifts on the budget, you may choose to direct your message to them, by let’s say gift wrapping items at no additional cost. Think from the customer’s perspective. Consider offering free shipping if you don’t already.

This dress would go great with our designer earrings!

Again up-selling and cross-selling should be the strategies you use every day, but they are even more important during sales times. Why? Because for saving money on sales customers deserve a reward, so why not to reward them with… another item on sale? You may even take it a step further and create bundles of items. It will increase the numbers on sales tags – and the bigger number, the bigger of the deal the sale becomes. Just make sure that whenever you’re offering bundles they really fit together. Don’t make bundles of random items because they just seem like a waste in customers eyes.

With Christmas just around the corner, many businesses underestimate the potential of Black Friday. If you feel like it would be too much for you to handle you might probably focus on Christmas, but remember, some of your customers will anticipate sales anyway. It might be good to just throw few deals in just to not disappoint your loyal customers.


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